Inauguration of the new PPC in Lambrate

28th February 2017

Bracco opens a new Psycho-Pedagogy Centre in Lambrate to fight against bullying and childhood difficulties.

With the aim of helping, preventing and improving children's quality of life, the Bracco Group's Psycho-Pedagogy Centre was created to especially prevent phenomena such as bullying, learning disabilities - dyslexia, dyscalculia and dysorthography - attention deficit and hyperactivity. It is a free space where clinical-diagnostic activities, teacher support and parent counseling are carried out. The Lambrate centre is the result of a strong public-private collaboration between the Bracco Group, a company with deep roots in the neighborhood, the City of Milan, il Consiglio di Zona 3 (the Zone 3 Council) and U.O.N.P.I.A. (the Neuropsychiatry Unit for Children and Adolescents) Unità Operativa di Neuropsichiatria per l’Infanzia e l’Adolescenza on Pusiano street.

"For the ninetieth anniversary of the founding of our Group we wanted to open a third Psycho-Pedagogy Centre, precisely in Lambrate where we have operated since the 1950s," stated Diana Bracco, President and CEO of the company, which records over 1.3 million euros in turnover and has 3,400 employees all over the world. "It is an initiative that fits into our efforts to help the younger generations, where Bracco is leading the way also with the Giovani&Sport project (Youth&Sport) which we have done for fifteen years, supporting many sports associations. Our goal is to form a network with institutions, schools, parents and regional services in order to prevent and reduce youth difficulties. It represents a concrete way to support the community where we do business".

"It was in Lambrate where, in the 50's, my father's dream to make Bracco a large chemical-pharmaceutical company began with a modern production plant capable of supplying foreign markets, where our presence was growing," explained Diana Bracco. "Since today our production has moved to Cesano and Torviscosa, we have kept the Group's general headquarters in this beautiful building. In 2017, a special year for us because we are celebrating the ninetieth anniversary of Bracco's founding, we wished to launch an important initiative for youths right here in Lambrate. The new Psycho-Pedagogy Centre follows those in Cesano Maderno and Ceriano Laghetto where we have our most important production facility. In the last ten years, these two centres have offered free support courses to a total of over 3,500 people."

"Children often have more emotions than words to express themselves," explains Professor Alberto Pellai, doctor and developmental psychotherapist as well as a researcher at the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Milan. "When faced with situations that cause emotional distress, children are unable to speak of, and put into words, their own struggle with growing up, often causing them to communicate by acting out, in confrontational or provocative behavior, or psychosomatic disorders. For a child," concludes Pellai, "experiencing complex emotions and not finding meaningful adult figures capable of understanding them, means staying trapped in a state of limbo where the rule is the unspoken and where feelings can find dysfunctional ways of making themselves visible." The family and school are essential in the emotional education of children but additional aid can also be useful from institutions like the Psycho-Pedagogy Centre, dedicated to listening, prevention and the betterment of the quality of life for children and young people.

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