Bracco Health Safety Environment Awards 2017

July 4th2017 - Milano

BRACCO HSE Awards: the event that rewarded commitment to sustainability

On July 4, at the Palazzo Visconti Teatrino in Milan, we awarded prizes to the winning teams in the first edition of the HSE Awards. It was an important presentation and exchange of ideas and best practices.

Taking part in the event were Diana Bracco and Fulvio Renoldi Bracco. Both underlined that sustainability activities were central to our Group and extended an invitation to share experiences and know-how at all levels and in all company functions.

The project attracted great participation and appreciation. It will be held again in 2018, perhaps with some improvements. We hope in the second edition too to receive innovative projects to stimulate constantly our virtuous path towards health, safety and the environment.


Bracco Health Safety Environment Awards:
the best sustainability projects.

The first HSE Awards paint a coherent picture of the commitment, care and activities of our Group in sustainability. The 27 projects presented by various offices have in common the power of teamwork and a desire for improvement, going beyond legal requirements.

An internal jury evaluated the projects, expressing appreciation for the results they achieved: benefits for the quality of work, time-saving in certain activities, greater safety, improvement of environmental performance.

We hope that the ideas and activities highlighted in this project can become an opportunity for positive contagion. Sharing the company culture favours continuous improvement at all levels and the repeatability of these best practices.

Below are the winning projects which will be presented by the teams at the final event on July 4.



1st Prize
Spin - Torviscosa (ITALY)
Improving the handling of the loading system for a solid raw material
The project was studied and implemented by a multi-function team that created an innovative loading system to reduce dust in the area where a solid material being produced was loaded. This innovation also reduced working times.

2nd Prize
Bracco Sine – Shanghai (CHINA)
Automatic loading system for solid substances
The project was started up by a multidisciplinary team in 2012. It was completed at the beginning of 2017, producing ergonomic improvement within the company. The team found a technical solution for loading a solid substance automatically.
The initiative produced an ergonomic benefit, greater efficiency and minimised dust in the environment.

3rd Prize
Centro Diagnostico Italiano – Milan (ITALY)
Improving the state of the air in work environments using bio-oxidation systems
A project that worked on removing small airborne particulate from the atmosphere using the combined action of electrostatic convection and biomasses able to intercept and neutralise potential pollutants.

SAFETY Bracco Safety

1st Prize
Acist EU – Heerlen (HOLLAND)
HSE programme for external collaborators
The team developed a an HSE training programme and prepared a Field Safety Kit containing individual protection devices for colleagues going to laboratories and hospitals to minimise potential risks: exposure to physical, chemical and biological factors.

2nd Prize
Bracco Imaging – Torviscosa and Ceriano Laghetto (ITALY)
Handling dangerous substances
A multidisciplinary team drawn from CHSE, ITS and some representatives of Torviscosa and Ceriano Laghetto designed and produced software for real-time monitoring of the amount of substances classified as dangerous stored on the site. The software is now in use in Torviscosa and is being introduced in Ceriano.

3rd Prize
Spin - Torviscosa (ITALY)
Improving the management system of HSE CAPA (corrective and preventive action)
The project permits more efficient management of CAPA, aiming for continuous improvement. The team perfected an operational tool that made it possible to handle and finalise CAPA in an easier and faster way.

ENVIRONMENT Bracco Environment

1st Prize
Bracco Imaging – Ceriano Laghetto (ITALY)
Improving waste management
The project permitted time savings in the handling of waste by optimising logistics, reducing manual handling with tipping containers and improving recovery.

2nd Prize
Bracco Imaging – Ceriano Laghetto (ITALY)
Optimising the recovery of Dimethylacetamide
The project improves efficiency in recovering dimethylacetamide using a new model developed internally and implemented in 2016. The initiative increased the amount of solvent recovered. It also reduced the organic load entering the biological treatment system in the Ceriano Laghetto plant.

3rd Prize
Bracco Imaging – Colleretto Giacosa (ITALY)
New thermal power plant
The new thermal power plant, installed in 2016, has brought greater energy efficiency and lower atmospheric emissions of NOx. It has also helped reduce waste produced by maintenance operations.

Special mention

Bracco Eisai – Saitama (JAPAN)
What can we do for the Earth?
The activity included various initiatives aimed at minimising the environmental impact both inside and outside the site with particular attention to the territory of reference.

Risk analysis applied to safety activities
The activity identified risk factors, analysed them and planned how to reduce them. It involved all staff and Management.

Special mention

Bracco Sine - Shanghai (CHINA)
HSE Culture
The programme involved Management, function managers and the entire organisation.
The main activities: defining the HSC responsibilities of Managers and supervisors, periodic inspections, safety committee, risk analysis.

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